Addictive Behaviors Author Agreement

The four statements in the authors` opening document are described below. Instructions should not be numbered. Titles (i.e. the role of funding sources, contributors, conflicts of interest, recognitions) should be bold and without space between title and text. The font size should be the same as the size of the font used for references. Web referrals At least, the full URL and the date on which the reference was last called must be specified. All other information, if known (DOI, author names, data, reference to a source publication, etc.), must also be provided. Web references can be listed separately (z.B after the reference list) under another title, if you wish, or can be added to the reference list. Example: Authors A and B designed the study and wrote the protocol. Author C has conducted literary research and provided abstracts from previous research studies. Author D conducted the statistical analysis. Author B wrote the first draft of the manuscript and all the authors contributed to the final manuscript and approved it. All Elsevier magazines fulfill the contracts of the archiving promotion organizations.

Authors also have the opportunity to make their article freely available to all via the ScienceDirect platform (cost: $3,000). For more information, see the author`s instructions. Authors` Articles For Transparency, we recommend authors submit an author`s statement file in which their individual contributions to the document using relevant CRediT scrolls: conceptualization; Data cure Formal analysis Obtaining financial resources The investigation Methodology Project management Resources Software surveillance; Validation Visualization roles/writing – original design; Letter – revision – treatment. Author instructions must first be formatted with the names of the authors and the following CRediT roles. More details and an Abstract example A concise and factual summary is needed. The summary should briefly outline the purpose of the research, key findings and key findings. A summary is often presented separately from the article, so it must be able to stand alone. For this reason, references should be avoided, but if necessary, quote the author and the years. (n) Non-standard or unusual shortcuts should also be avoided, but if they are essential, they must be defined when they are first mentioned in the summary itself.

Changes to the author authors are expected to carefully review the list and order of the authors before submitting their manuscript and providing the final list of authors at the time of the initial submission. Any addition, deletion or re-listing of authors` names should not take place until the manuscript has been adopted and only if it has been approved by the journal`s publisher. To request such a change, the publisher must receive from the author concerned: (a) the reason for changing the list of authors and (b) written confirmation (e-mail, letter) of all authors they agree to add, withdraw or relocate. If authors are added or deleted, this includes confirmation of the author who is added or deleted. Only in exceptional cases will the publisher consider adding, deleting or reorganizing the authors after the adoption of the manuscript. While the publisher reviews the application, the publication of the manuscript is suspended. If the manuscript has already been published in an online edition, all applications approved by the publisher result in a corrigendum. Addictive Behaviors is an international journal that has published high-quality human research on addiction behaviours and disorders since 1975.

The journal accepts detailed articles and brief papers on substance-related addictions, such as substance abuse, drug and nicotine abuse, and behavioural addiction in the field of gambling and technology.