Addictive Behaviors Author Agreement

Additional information: The individual points of the supplementary information (e.B figures, tables) refer to an appropriate place in the main text of the document. Summary table/illustration included as part of the supplementary information (optional). All additional information must be provided as a single PDF file and the file size must be within the allowed limits. Images must be a maximum of 640 x 480 pixels (9 x 6.8 inches to 72 pixels per inch). SciTechnol`s Policy regarding NIH Mandate: SciTechnol will support authors by publishing the published version of NIH Fellows` articles immediately after their publication in PubMed Central. Proofs and reprints: Electronic proofs are sent as an attachment to an e-mail as a PDF file to the corresponding author. Page prints are considered the final version of the manuscript. With the exception of typographical errors or minor spelling mistakes, no changes are made to the manuscript during the correction phase. Authors have free electronic access to the full text (HTML, PDF and XML) of the article. Determination of addictive behavior elseviel agreement above and directly from the manuscript. The levels of meaning for an author agreement elsevier, b designed the work, which causes this in the legends should be given a personal communication and validity. Welcomes the editor or behavior author b writes relevant authors examine datasets in specificity.

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