Child Maintenance Agreement Letter Template Uk

RE: Case Reference Number [Case Number at top of letters] Planning your child maintenance – This form helps you plan a conversation about child maintenance with your child`s other parent Use this guide to help you write your child`s support agreement with your child`s other parent. I deny/am unsure that I am the father of this child and therefore I do not have custody of children. If you have children, both parents are expected to bear the cost of education until the age of at least 16. There are many ways to organize the upkeep of children. I am writing about the letter you sent me, in which they say that I owe child support with respect to [the name and date of birth] of the child. Please contact me within 7 jobs to discuss my new circumstances and how they will affect my child`s child`s child support. In Scotland, children can enter the 12th or from 11 years of age. To use the computer, you need to know if the one of you will pay benefits and how much they earn. If you are both caring for your child, you also need to know how many nights the child spends each week with each of you. If you have had the order for at least 12 months, you can ask the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) to arrange the maintenance for you. You can only claim a right from the date you apply to the CMS.

You do not receive residues that have accumulated in the order of the CMS. [Child A name and date of birth] [Child B`s name and date of birth] The courts do not have to decide in this case and I have never been married to the mother of the child between the conception and the birth of the child. I`m ready to do a DNA test to solve the problem. I suppose my exeuating circumstances [time/for the foreseeable future] will take time. I will be able to pay child support on [date] / I don`t know when I will be able to continue to pay child support. The consent order can only be granted if an agreement has been reached between the parents on the children`s livelihood. A lawyer will then submit the information to the courts; this is called the information statement.