Jersey Planning Obligation Agreements

62 Conservation and planting of trees related to building permits. 51 In addition to lawyers` fees, a non-refundable s106 monitoring fee must be paid at the conclusion of agreement s106, which is included as an obligation in that agreement. 2. A person shall be guilty of an offence referred to in paragraph 1 if he infringes, during development, a condition under which the building permit was issued for development. (e) a decision pursuant to point (a) of Article 10(2) or Article 27 concerning the withdrawal or amendment of building permits already issued; 26 Closure of the building permit within the time limit 30(3), an application for a building permit may be decided only if the application has been published or notified in the prescribed manner, and the applicant may be asked to provide proof of such publication or notification. [40] Planning obligations, also known as Section 106, are taken between us and the developers. “building permit” means the authorization granted for the development of land – (5) Nothing in subsection 4 shall be seen in such a way as to prohibit the Crown from applying for a building permit or a building permit. 2. In general, a building permit shall be issued when the construction proposed in the application is in accordance with the plan of the island. [69] (3) Despite subsection 2, a building permit may be issued if the proposed development is not in accordance with the island plan, if the planning committee is satisfied that it is sufficiently justified. [70] (11) The Minister shall place the person against whom the planning obligation is enforceable at least 28 days in advance before exercising the powers referred to in subsection 10(a) .

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