Smyril Line Cancellation Agreement,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Health authorities and airlines regarding travel restrictions, Princess Cruises extends its cruise period which affects the following trips: All SAPPHIRE PRINCESS, SEA PRINCESS and SUN PRINCESS cruises until October 31 2020All travel to Asia, the Caribbean, the California Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama Canal, South America – Antarctica, Japan and Tahiti/South Pacific until December 15, 2020 Claims and limitation of liability: If the customer finds any defects during the trip or with regard to the destination, he must notify SML or the service provider concerned in order to allow them to correct the defects. A defect occurs when the traveller does not receive the services and services indicated on the subscriber note by catalogue, advertisement or special agreement with SML, or if the services of lower quality are lower than those agreed or guaranteed. If SML has to correct the defect, the customer cannot demand a proportional discount or terminate the contract. If the correction may result in disproportionate costs or significant inconvenience to the ASA, the client may be referred to a proportionate price reduction or termination. Claims must be made to the MSA or intermediary within a reasonable period of time after the end of the trip. At the same time, the LMS limits its liability for defects and damages to the same extent as the following international conventions, which may apply to service providers responsible for the defective part of the package: for air transport: the Warsaw Convention; For maritime transport: the Athens Convention; For rail transport: the Convention for International Rail Transport. Accident insurance for travellers: As very low refunds are often paid in accordance with international conventions and the traveller must bear all medical care and patient transportation costs, we recommend that travellers take out accident insurance. Ask our travel advisors for details. Packages, including accommodation, excursions, etc., travel packages included in shore-to-shore accommodation and indicated per person, apply to two adults travelling together, unless otherwise stated. Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses is located in double rooms. For single travellers, there is an additional charge for a single room. All rates for hostel accommodations are valid for rooms with several beds. Please note that there are different rules for sleeping bags in different places.

You can bring sheets or rent sheets. Accommodation in holiday rentals in Iceland includes sheets, towels, heating and electricity. People have to clean the houses themselves. Accommodation in holiday rentals in the Faroe Islands includes heating and electricity, but no sheets and final cleaning.