Second Amendment To Loan Agreement

6. Release and confirmation. Each party to the loan confirms below (i) that it remains indebted to the defenceless lender, counter-debt or counter-compensation and that, assuming the effectiveness of the amendment, no default or withdrawal has occurred or does not exist in the context of the loan documents, (ii) confirms all its commitments, guarantees and guarantees, as defined in the loan documents, to the extent that they are fully stated and that each party in the credit certifies that it is so based on the effectiveness of the This amendment. , as, are all these statements, the assurances and guarantees as of the date of this agreement are true and correct and (iii) and (iii) recognize and guarantee that it has no claim, deed or means of any kind against Lender, its senior executives, its directors, its employees, its representatives, its successors, its subsidiaries, its subsidiaries or its lawyers (for the purposes of this paragraph , which is collectively referred to as “Lenders”), or in connection with or in connection with transactions with lenders, whether known or unknown, including, but not limited to loans, until the date of this amendment, and each party of the loan hereshes out a good and valuable consideration, rebates, publishes and discharges all rights relating to such claims. supplements or reasons for action, if any. 7. Counter-parts. This change can be carried out in one or more counterparties, each of which, when exported and delivered, is considered original and all combined constituting one and the same agreement. The signature pages opposed to this amendment, faxed, e-mailed in the form of .pdf or any other electronic means, in order to obtain the original graphic and visual appearance of a document, have the same effect as the physical delivery of the paper document bearing an original signature. 10. Costs and expenses. Each party to the loan heresy confirms the agreement it has entered into in the loan agreement to pay or repay the lender upon request for all costs and expenses incurred by the lender with respect to the loan documents, including, but not limited to, all reasonable fees and payments of the legal advisors.

Without restricting the universality of the above, each party to the loan expressly agrees to pay all consultant fees and payments to lenders for the services provided by such a consultant in the preparation of this amendment and related documents and instruments. Each party to the loan agrees that, at any time or from time to time, the lender may make a loan to the borrower under the loan agreement, or use the proceeds of a loan to pay such fees, disbursements, fees and expenses. 1. Defined notions. The concepts of great discoveries that are used in this amendment and which are defined in the loan agreement have the same meaning as that defined in it, unless there is another definition.