Regulatory Agreement

3. The HFA will implement the regulatory agreement and take action against all murderers who violate its provisions. These measures may include a declaration of delay and application to a court for the specific implementation of the agreement. (8) Complete the housing marketing plan and all other fair housing and equal opportunities requirements. 2. The regulatory agreement between HFA and Mortgagor must be compulsory for Mortgagor and its successors and beneficiaries, as well as for HFA and its beneficiaries, as long as the mortgage is insured by HUD or huD holds an HFA bond issued in connection with a debt on the insured mortgage. The HFA cannot cede the regulatory agreement. (11) Allow HUD officials or collaborators to review the project at the Commissioner`s request. (2) Create, if necessary, a declining fund for future capital requirements. This note attests to the borrower`s commitment to the department to repay the funds granted to the borrower by the department to assist the development of rental housing in the california national territory, described more specifically in the fiduciary agreement (the “development”). The borrower may not, in any form or other form, proceed with disposals, transfers or transfers of property or development or part of their interests, except in accordance with the terms of the trust and regulatory agreement and with the prior written authorization of the Department. (10) Make books and records available for verification by HUD or the General Accounting Office (GAO) with appropriate notification.

(3) Maintain the project as affordable housing within the meaning of section 266.5. (4) Continue to use residential units for their original purposes. The borrower agrees to pay the full amount of the outstanding principal advanced in connection with the loan file, as well as all interest accrued but not paid, on the 55th anniversary (55th) of the registration date of the regulatory agreement or a subsequent date that can be approved in writing by the Department at its discretion (the “maturity date”). (1) Make all payments due as part of the mortgage and loan/borrowing. (7) Keep complete books and recordings exclusively for the project. b) requirements. The regulatory agreement must require The Mortgagor to comply with the provisions of that party and to compel The Mortgagor, among others: the borrower undertakes to make additional payments for net cash flow to repay the loan, in accordance with the terms of the regulatory agreement. Such an authorized down payment does not exempt the borrower from its obligations under the regulatory agreement.

(5) Compliance with other requirements set by the HFA and specified in the regulatory agreement. (c) the application of the legislation. The regulatory agreement is implemented by the HFA. (1) The HFA must execute, in descriptive form, a regulatory agreement between Mortgagor and HFA, which is in effect for the duration of the mortgage and the loan or insured loan. The regulatory agreement must include a description of the property. The regulatory agreement must be included in the mortgage by reference and covered by the mortgage.