Office Depot Contractor Agreement

The change of ownership has no influence on business with international customers. There is a subcontract between Office Depot Europe and Lyreco to provide continuous support and deliveries to customers. Valya Broyer – Director, Strategic PartnershipsEmail: valya.broyer@officedepot.comPhone: 303.704.8107Billy Grimmett – National Program Manager – EastEmail: billy.grimmett@officedepot.comPhone: 704-236-4409 The Contract division is one of the most important players in the Spanish market and serves small medium, international and national blue chip companies in different sectors. The sale comes after a successful reorientation of Spain`s contractual activities since the acquisition of the group by AURELIUS in January 2017. OMNIA Partners is a leading public sector cooperative purchasing organization, created by collaboration with public agencies. This cooperative purchasing strategy provides participating agencies with reduced costs, time and resource savings. Participation in OMNIA Partners is free. . The contract includes: janitorial supplies and equipment for dilution controls, environmentally friendly products, industrial paper and distributors, private label products, carpet maintenance, toilets, waste containers, compressors, sheaths, machinery and accessories, laundry and institutional and industrial kitchen, industrial tools and accessories as well as all other categories in the supplier`s range of products and services. Competitiveness – Order sold R162102 – Basic list of 450 items – Detergents, equipment and accessories – Bathroom and break paper products .

With more than 25 years in the public service, Office Depot understands the unique needs of government. We have listened to our clients and developed a robust new program that delivers exceptional value to your agency or school. The partnership with OMNIA Partners uses demanded and public procurement in a competitive manner to enable public bodies across the country to achieve exceptional savings. Furniture and Facilities Region 4 ESC – TX Contract Number: R142212 May 1, 2015, Until October 31, 2020 Furniture, Installation and Related Services Region 4 ESC – TX Contract Number: R191812 From May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2023 Renewal option for two (2) additional periods of one year until April 30, 2025 Powered by talented people in several European countries, customers are proud to serve customers around the world. Office Depot Europe sold its Central and Eastern European operations in November 2019 and its Nordic division in May 2020. The exit from Office Depot`s Spanish contract business follows the same strategic logic and frees up resources for Office Depot Europe to focus on its centralised business activities in Europe. New to the Office Depot? Ask for more information here! U.S. Communities and National IPA, both who are whods 100% of OMNIA Partners, have merged as OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. All public sector participants who are already enrolled in the IPA or the U.S. Communities retain access to all contracts, with some exceptions, in their portfolios and do not need to re-register to use a national IAP, U.S. contract or a new partnership contract WITH ALT.

U.S. Communities and National IPA remain separate legal entities and the feather agency contracts concluded under each brand are effective and can be used for the duration of the authorized contract. In the event that we believe a new registration is necessary for any reason, OMNIA Partners will notify you. Office deposit contracts . To be the preferred provider of workspace solutions for our customers, based on our know-how and a great customer day. . Learn more in this information video about Office Depot and its janitorial equipment supplies and solutions. . From July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2024 Option to extend five (5) additional periods of one year until June 30, 2029 The sale of the Spanish contract division follows the previous disposals of the CEE division and the Office Depot Nordics of July 1, 2029. March 2017 until February 29, 2020 Possibility of extension of two (2) additional periods of one year until February 28, 2022 RENEWED THROUGH February 28, 2022 At Office Depot, we recognize that