Competition Law Issues In Distribution Agreements

Selective distribution agreements to prevent distributors from entering into cross-border sales are not permitted. THE VABER contains two territorial restrictions specific to selective distribution. “In a decision of March 16, 2020, the French Competition Authority (`FCA`) fined the Apple Group (“Apple”) 1.1 billion euros for imposing a series of vertical restrictions on competition in its distribution network and (ii) In addition, the application of the application at national (Member States) (under Article 101 and/or national equivalents) was higher in many cases. For example, regulatory activity related to distribution is relatively high in France and Germany. In addition, many national competition law procedures involve vertical agreements (including selective distribution agreements). In addition, in recent years, emphasis has been placed on the role of the internet as an effective means of distribution and regulators have actively monitored cases where providers have tried to limit the role of the internet in distribution. Some selective distribution agreements are not entirely within the purview of competition law. The case law has confirmed that the prohibition of anti-competitive agreements under Article 101, paragraph 1, will generally not apply to a selective distribution system, in which four conditions are met:2 most of EU competition law is transposed into Uk law. In particular, beyond Brexit, the EU category exemption is maintained in UK law, which means that distribution agreements can continue to benefit from the category exemption for vertical agreements. In addition, the business practices of companies established outside the EU will continue to be the subject of potential investigation by EU competition authorities where there is a real or potential impact on EU trade.

Importing and distributing shields and breathing apparatus during the COVID pandemic 19- Introduction This article concerns the importation and sale of breathing apparatus and other masks to address the considerable challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic in the United States. As reported in the news (…) Until the end of 2020, the EU Competition Law Regulation will continue to exist during the transitional period. From 2021, the UK Competition Authority (CMA) will take over from the European Commission (EC) in the field of competition law enforcement. Latvian and Lithuanian competition authorities are teaming up to investigate cross-border infringements- Given the complexity of cross-border infringements of competition law, competition authorities are joining forces to investigate effectively. Example: (…) When assessing the application of VRBE to anti-competitive agreements, agreements between companies that prevent, restrict or distort competition and affect trade in the UK and/or the EU must always be taken into account in all other agreements and agreements on a network (including where one or more territorial restrictions and/or customers impose).