Bayer Technology Stewardship Agreement

Download this comprehensive guide for technical information on Bayer`s current technology portfolio. TUGs 2021 in the U.S. and Canada are available for download on this page. If you realize that growers don`t need information about all crops, you can use the links below to customize your technology usage guide by selecting only the crops you`re interested in. The PDF file you will receive contains an overview of the management as well as the harvest information selected below. The TSA (which is closed between the farmer and Monsanto Canada ULC) allows farmers to use Bayer`s patented property technologies. By signing this agreement, the farmer has a license to use our patented technologies under certain conditions. The Technology Use Guide (TUG) provides a concise source of technical information on the current portfolio of technology products offered by bayers Crop Science Division in the United States or Canada, and defines the requirements and policies for the use of these products. There is nothing wrong with including the terms and conditions in the TSA. We face these conditions every time we get a license for our car, our pets or for the technology we use on our phone and computer. The TSA is a license for limited use; it does not allow farmers to distribute, transfer or sell patented technologies, and it only allows them to plant the seeds for a single season on their own farm.

One of the TSA`s obligations is the promise of farmers not to save the patented seeds from their crop and to plant them in another season. It is fair to say that when this condition was first introduced, it generates a lot of discussion. For years, farmers had saved seeds from their harvest for replanting. But it is important to keep in mind that in the past, farmers have saved seeds that contain only natural properties, not the type of enhanced-trait seeds that Bayer has developed for current farmers. At the end of the day, it is the farmers who decide to buy Bayer`s seed technology and they deliberately make the decision to sign the TSA. To ensure access to these latest technologies, farmers can benefit from an ASD via the AgCelerate Stewardship platform. AgCelerate is a place where you can see and manage your technology agreements with Bayer and other feature providers. In 1997, Monsanto began enforcing its patent rights in Canada.

This was after two years of training farmers across Canada on the rules and obligations of growing Monsanto`s patented seed technology on their farms. The Technology Use Guide (TUG) provides a concise source of technical information on Bayer`s current technology portfolio and outlines the requirements and guidelines for the use of these products. As a Bayer user, it is important that you know and follow certain management practices.