Aconex Service Level Agreement

The change statement also outlines the key benefits of Oracle Binding Corporate Rules for Processors customers, such as providing an additional layer of RGPD liability. B and explains how this complies with specific RGPD information requirements for data processing agreements. For more information on binding business rules in general, click here. Oracle now makes its BCR-p available to all customers who have entered into contracts for cloud services, Professional Services, Consulting Services, Advanced Customer Services and Global Customer Support Services, when we process personal data subject to EUROPEAN data protection legislation on behalf of those customers. As a result, BCR-p are inserted into the European additive DPA by reference. Oracle is providing, effective June 26, 2019, a new data processing agreement for Oracle Services (“data processing agreement”). Oracle`s services, which are subject to the data processing agreement, include cloud services, professional services, consulting services, advanced customer services and global customer support services. Aconex is familiar with more than 16,000 projects in more than 70 countries. It offers a project-wide solution for all users at all stages of the lifecycle. The cloud and mobile platform offers accessibility, whether in the office or in the field. In addition, the platform is secure with ISO 27001, 2FA and 3 levels of security certification. 14.1 This license and any expressly related documents constitute the whole agreement between us regarding the licensing of software and documentation and replaces any oral or written prior agreement between us.

(a) you commit a substantial or persistent violation of this license that you do not repair (if it is remediable) within 14 days of the written notification that requires you to do so; or the licensee`s technical support staff will strive only on the basis of reasonable efforts to respond by e-mail to any questions you have as an original registered purchaser regarding the use or use of the Software during the warranty period. For e-mail support, please email 7.2 Subject to Condition 7.1, the licensee`s liability for losses you have suffered or in connection with this contract (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its employees, enforcement assistants and subcontractors), whether they are the result of contracts, unlawful acts (including negligence), misrepresentations or other means, is limited as follows: even if such losses are due to the personal intentional infringement of the licensee to the agreement: IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE BEFORE THE INSTALLATION OF THE SOFTWARE: This license agreement (license) is a legal agreement between you (licensed or you) and Aconex Limited of 96 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 (licensee or us) for this software product (software) , printed, electronic or electronic with him.